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Alanya is a seaside resort city in the Mediteranian region of Turkey, which is in Antalya province. It have beautiful scenery with Taurus mountain at the north and the Mediteranian sea at the south. Yes, Alanya is far from Istanbul which is 15 hours by bus. But if you want to get hurry to be in Alanya, you can reach by plane to Gazipaşa airport (from Istanbul) about 1 hour.

Welcome to Alanya and enjoy its beauty.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

snow in the alanya

its been long time that after winter 1993 the snow were not pouring down anymore in the city of alanya. but it was surprise that in the winter exactly in the nite of 19 february 2008, the snow was pouring again for some times.
this is my first snow in my life, coz i am indonesian and my hometown is indonesia the tropic country which no snow there, and i came to alanya in 2005. according to the news that the snow will pouring again in the city of alanya in about 15 or 16 years later.

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