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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

alanya, tea, and the view

“Please come again even only for drinking tea with us” that's the sentence which will always says by the shop owner when the customer will leave them.

That is one of the hospitality from the people in Alanya. Small town at the seaside of Mediterranean sea which is famous with the turquoise beach and thats why called Turkish Riviera. In summer time, this town will be full by the european tourist, they are looking for the sun shine.
It is the right destination to get the sun shine here because Alanya is the place “where the sun smile”. Alanya is a distric of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

The beauty of Alanya will make you comeback again in the next summer. Seems this town has a magnetic to make the tourist always comeback again every summer. As a shop owner in the centrum of Alanya, I will meet the same tourist come to our shop every summer. Some of them shopping in the shop and some of them only come to visit us and have some tea. They realy love to comeback again.

For the beach and sun bathing lover, Alanya is paradise for you. You will forget to go back to hotel when you are in the beach of Alanya. When you remember the time, it's already evening and you only stay on the beach to enjoy the beach and the sun. And for shopping mania, Alanya can be the right place for shopping. Here, you can get good quality product with the cheap price. Shop till you drop, it's true because when you come to Alanya centrum and bazar in there, you will walking arround the bazar to look for the things you need or you want. You will enter one shop and the other shop until you drop and back to hotel with the satisfaction.

When you enter to the shop in Alanya, the owner will asking you wether you want to drink tea or not. “do you want çay, ada çay, elma çay?” (çay is turksih language for tea, and ada is one of the tea kind, elma is turkish language for apple), they like to serve the customer that way even the customer will not buy anything. Some of the tourist will say yes but some of them will say no because they have drink so much tea in other shop. Every shop will give you tea and it makes the stomach full.

The view

As a seaside resort, Alanya has a very nice view. In the north you can found the hills and the sea in the south. There is a small peninsulla near to harbour. And Alanya castle on it. When you visit the castle, you will remain the history behind it. It was build in the 13th century. Under the castle, there is Tersane “the 5 eyes”. In the war era, Tersane (shipyard) is a place to repair the war ship. And one of the famous from Alanya and as a city landmark is Red Tower. It is an octagonal red brick tower protects the Tersane. The building itself is 33 meters high and 12.5 meters wide.

There is a tea cafe near to harbour. You can enjoy the beauty of alanya while you are drinking tea. With the blowing of the wind from the sea and the bird singing, you can feel its beauty. Or you can spend some money to enjoy the beauty from the sea, you can cruising by joining the yacht tour.

Walking is the cheapest sport. You can walk to the hill in Alanya. When you are on the top, you can enjoy the full view of Alanya. It's amazing to see the view. As far as you can see is the turquoise beach and the blue of the Mediterranean sea.

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