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Friday, August 28, 2009

solar water heater for houses

alanya is home to an enviable 310 to 320 days of glorious sunshine per year. many advantage from the sunshine for the human life such as for water heater. there are water heater on the roof of the houses and hotels in alanya, which are using solar energy. hot water that produced from the heater are used for daily needs such as for take a shower/bath, washing the dishes, washing clothes.

same as our house, we have solar water heater on the roof. it is very usefull to provide hot water for household needs. as we know that houses in alanya are apartment style so there are many floors in one apartment. for every floor need one solar water heater. thats why we can find many water heater on the roof of an apartment. it is depend on the number of the floor. if there are 3 floor so there will be 3 water heater on the roof.

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