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Thursday, September 2, 2010

twister, 1 sept 2010

yesterday was a lucky day for me that i can saw a natural phenomena such as twister.

when i was sitting near to balcony door to read the Quran, i turned my face outside and i saw a strange thing in the midle of the sea then i realize it was twister.

i just directly ran to the bedroom to take my camera then i took pictures of the twister. it was 2 twisters but the other one was only visible the upper part coz the bottom part was closed by the cloud. but later when these twister moved to the west, the invislble part become visible and looks longer. then in the east side appear the other new twister but this one was small and thin so i couldnt took pic of it becoz of limited capability of my camera.

thanking to Allah that these twister only move in the sea and didnt move to the land. becoz the previous was move to the land and made the damage.

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