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Alanya is a seaside resort city in the Mediteranian region of Turkey, which is in Antalya province. It have beautiful scenery with Taurus mountain at the north and the Mediteranian sea at the south. Yes, Alanya is far from Istanbul which is 15 hours by bus. But if you want to get hurry to be in Alanya, you can reach by plane to Gazipaşa airport (from Istanbul) about 1 hour.

Welcome to Alanya and enjoy its beauty.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

summer (2009) picnic

cool weather on the riverside at the hill of alanya. there is gazeebo, toilet and çesme. some of the rich people build the picnic place at the stategic area at the hill for the public. we can use it for free without asking permission from the owner.

The Bridge

summer 2009, i and family went picnic again. this time we choose to have picnic at the riverside. we got the comfortable picnic place which other people wants too. clean and cold riverwater, we use it as a refrigerator. we put the fruits in the water to keep it fresh.

Natural Refrigrator


Clean & Fresh Water
we went picnic after morning prayer. there are many empty picnic place in the morning. so we can grab this comfortable place. after having breakfast, then making kebab for lunch.

Mangal Kebab aka Barbecue

Lunch Menu for Picnic

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