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Monday, December 22, 2014

Alanya City Tips 3 - Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle consist of inner and outer. To enter the inner castle, you must buy a ticket that price 15 TL (year 2014). Whereas to explore the outer part is free. There are many places to visit at the outer castle. Those are as follows:

Ruins of Selçuk Hamam

Located just near to the gate of inner castle

Ruins of Tower

Walking down from hamam to the Tomb of Akşebe Sultan, you can see this ruins.

Tomb of Akşebe Sultan

Traditional Handcrafts Center
Located in front of Tomb of Akşebe Sultan

Mecvettin Sarnıcı / Cistern

Entrance to the cistern

Located beside Mecvettin Cistern

Sulemaniye Cami

Front side of Suleymaniye Cami

Back side of  Suleymaniye Cami

Culture House

Located behind Suleymaniye Cami

Located Near to Suleymaniye Cami

Ehmedek's Entrance

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