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Alanya is a seaside resort city in the Mediteranian region of Turkey, which is in Antalya province. It have beautiful scenery with Taurus mountain at the north and the Mediteranian sea at the south. Yes, Alanya is far from Istanbul which is 15 hours by bus. But if you want to get hurry to be in Alanya, you can reach by plane to Gazipaşa airport (from Istanbul) about 1 hour.

Welcome to Alanya and enjoy its beauty.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lost in Labyrinth of Tophane

Tophane is one of district in Alanya. It is located on the peninsula where Alanya castle stands. 

I went to Tophane in the end of the spring this year. Although I live in Alanya since 2005 but this is the first time for me to have adventure in Tophane.

After excursion at citadel with my daughter, we decide to walk down to Tophane that located at the lower part of the peninsula. We went there to visit the old mosques that located in Tophane.

I didn't know that narrow streets in Tophane are look like the same one to each other. It's like a labyrinth. We got lost for few times in the mission to visit the mosques.

But finally we can visit Andızlı Mosque and Tahta Minareli Mosques after asking for directions to some people there.

Best view from Tophane

Ruins of the old church

The labyrinth started

on the way to Andızlı Mosque, we can see the minaret

on the way to tahta minareli mosque

on the way to tahta minareli mosque

Beside Tahta Minareli Mosque

Near to Tahta Minareli Mosque

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