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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Searching for the Tomb of Akşebe Sultan

It was end of summer last year, I and daughter went to Alanya castle again. This time for visitng the tomb of Akşebe Sultan. I read informations about location of this tomb on the internet. As usually I went to castle, I get on the bus no. 4 from the centrum. This time, I stop the bus at the junction that sign "Suleymaniye Cami".

I know Suleymaniye Cami and Bedesten. According to the infos, this tomb located near to Bedesten. But it was not easy to find this tomb :( We were lost.

Then we were to the junction again, carefully looking the signs of the arrow. But there is a missing chain I think. The arrows took us to the gate of inner castle. Walking back down.....finally we discover the tomb of Akşebe Sultan.

Here are the pics...

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