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Thursday, August 13, 2009

sea water for sweat rash medicine

in the summer time, the weather in alanya is very very hot and humid. making us very sweat. and sometimes appear pink dots at the skin which is itchy. that skin disease calls miliaria rubra (sweat rash, heat rash, or prickly heat). this disease can be affects people of all ages but it is especially common to the children and infants due to their underdeveloped sweat glands.

same as my daughter. since she was baby, every summer sweat rash always disturbing her. according to information from the local people of alanya (which is alanya is a seaside resort city), they said that sea water can cure sweat rash. before i did not belive it, but now when my daughter 3 years old and still i found sweat rash at her skin. we took her to the beach for swimming, it is true that her skin clean from the sweat rash.

with this experience, i suggest to everyone whom have problem with sweat rash to take shower/bath by sea water or directly swimming on the beach.


  1. Ayo Dian, sering diupdate. Alexa-rankingnya udah mulai naik terus tuh.... insyaallah mulai awal september kita mulai cetingan lagi, yuks....

  2. iya nih abisin bulan agustus dulu biar cuaca panasnya ilang jadi saya bisa tahan depan komputer :D soalnya udah banyak draft yang belum diberesin heheh
    ok ok sip entar september kita cetingan lagi ;)