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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alanya Castle in a Glance (inner part)

it have been 5 years i am living in Alanya and just now (summer 2010) i have a chance to visit Alanya castle. in the night my toursit friend (norwegian) saw the castle from the balcony of my house, they asked "what is that?" and i replied "that is Alanya caslte" they continue the question "can we visit there and take many pictures" i replied "yes you can". then i asked permission to my husband to take them to the castle. then my husband gave me premission. then we decide to go to castle tomorow morning. i am become a tourist guide to the place that i never visited in the previous :D even i never visit the castle but i knew about it by reading through the internet. so when i come there, it seems that i have been there for many times ^_^

the trip began from the centrum of  Alanya. since my house is on the kuturup hill, so from my house we took the bus heading to the centrum. from the centrun we took the bus heading to the castle with the tariff 1,25 TL. then we will go off the bus at the final destination which is just in front of the inner castle.

buying the entry ticket 10 TL per person (adult), small children under 5 yo does not have to pay for ticket. the ticketing man was cheating me. i show my daughter (4 yo) to him, to know whether she must pay for ticket or not. then the man say yes she must pay. then i bought 4 tickets (for me, daughter and 2 norway tourist). then we heading to the entry gate. the man in duty is there. he checked our ticket and insert it into machine. i show him the 2 tickets. then he asked me whether the other ticket is for my daughter and i reply "yes". then he allow us to enter and asked me to wait there "lady wait" he said. then he went into the ticketing room and comeback with the 10 TL. he gave me back the 10 TL. OMG thanks to God and thanks to him that my money is back :D



the ticket

then we start to explore the inner castle. we took many pictures and we amaze by the fantastic view of Alanya.
one of the fantastic view

first of all we look to the map that stands near to the gate. from that map we will know where we are that time. and near to the gate we can see another map about the whole castle (inner and outer) and the history of the castle in 3 language (turkish, english, and deutch). then we walking on the wood line until "adam atacağı". adam atacağı was a jail in the past. from there a little bit woodline for few meters forward then no wood line anymore. it seem like we walk in the forest because no fixed line to walk. we can see many ruins inside the castle and there is area that we cant enter because it is excavation area. many "sarnıç" which is water supply in the past. then we will finish the walk at the same point that we started.

the gate

inner castle map


one of the cistern

excavation area




no woodlines anymore

back to start

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