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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

exploring the outer alanya castle

after satisfied exploring the inner part of the alanya castle then we go out from there to explore the outer part of the castle. first we try to find the toilet because of "the urgent thing". there is sign that "wc 200 m". but after we walked more than 200 m following the arrow, we did not find the toilet. then my friend asked to the woman whom making the carpet in the souvenir shop (there are many souvenir shop along the street to the inner castle). the woman said that we can find it in the mosque area. then we were continue walking to find the mosque and there is sign reading "suleymaniye camii, han, bedesten". then we follow the arrow to the suleymaniye camii. finaly we found the camii (mosque) so we can rest for a while, go to toilet and taking pictures of the historical mosque (story and the pics of the mosque is after this post).

near to the suleymaniye mosque area, we can visit han and bedesten. han (caravanserai) was a hostel in the past. and bedesten is marketplace building. i think in the past bedesten was the place for the people who live in the castle area to do their shopping. i saw those places, but i did not visit it because there is no sign reading that we can enter those places. only i look inside the door but no people and no activity inside there, therefore i decide not to go there. then we were continue walking to catch the bus.

same as in the inner castle that we can find many ruins at the outer part of the castle. i took pictures some of it. and in the outer part of castle, we can find many housing residents.


ruins again

housing residents

actually we still want to explore the caslte (outer part), to go to ehmedek (near to the mosque) but we were  already tired. then we decide to go home but we have plan to visit damlataş cave which is the bus will passing that place. while we were waiting for the bus. we were walking to the terrace of the outer castle where we can see the fantastic view. we took pictures there. then few minutes later the bus come and we go on the bus. the bus very crowded, we must stand up in the bus.

one of the fantastic view from the terrace

when the bus stop in front of damlataş cave (to drop off and to hoist the passenger), we drop off there because we have plan to visit the cave.

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