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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

süleymaniye camii

this summer 2010, i have a chance to visit another historical mosque in alanya that is süleymaniye camii which is located in the outer part of alanya castle. the first historical mosque in alanya that i have visited was kuyularönü camii which is located near to alanya harbour. kuyularönü camii is easy to reach because it is located in the shopping center where people are passing by in front of it. but different with süleymaniye camii which is located far away from the hustle. it hard to reach, must be tired to be there. but it is exciting trip to reach the mosque. when you arrive there, you will feel calm, cool, quiet, and comfortable. after walking under the sun in the hot summer time then you will fine the coolness when you enter the mosque.

about süleymaniye camii

originally built by alaadin keykubat I in 1231, and rebuilt by the ottoman sultan süleyman the magnificent (1530-1560). the square planed mosque consist of a main domed chamber in center and 3 rooms separated by crossed-arches on north. construction materials are built of stone and bricks. quite large cistern is placed
in the north - east corner and next to it there is a covered ablution fountain. above the main entrance there is arabic written: "GOD=ALLAH". the minaret built on a square base rises in the north western corner

süleymaniye mosque

mosque's window

the gate

outside the mosque

children learn to read Quran

ablution place

the entrance door

sign reading the rules for entering the mosque

scarves and long clothes that provide for the visitor whom need it

the rules for entering the mosque:
  • please take off your shoes before you enter the mosque
  • women shouldn't go into the mosque without covering their heads and legs
  • men shouldn't enter the mosque wearing shorts either
  • no photos allowed while praying

-- inside the mosque --

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