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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2nd snow for me in Alanya

In the morning was raining for few minutes. I saw something white but I did not realize if those were snow, because it was hail in the same time. My husband called me from shop, he asking whether there is snowfall on the Kuturup hill (the place where we live). I said that no snowfall here.

In the noon, here is raining again. It is suprising......SNOWING. I think the white that I saw in the morning was SNOW.

It is my second snow, as the first snow was in 2008.

It means that the weather forecast of February 19, 2008 was wrong because they said that SNOW would rain in Alanya again about 15-16 years later.

The winter of 2012 is closed by the SNOW :)

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